About Us

Adone Group was started in 2004 when the role of information technology began changing in business to capture a more prominent position. The launch of the iPhone followed by the arrival of Google's android, the first tablet, the growth in ecommerce industries and above all the easy access to internet around the world propelled our business forward into uncharted territories.


We have been early adopters of development frameworks such as Joomla, Magento, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, PHP etc. and updated our developmental capacities as many more technologies emerged in the market, improving the web development process. Our core team has IT specialists who can do wonders for your business with their technical expertise, industry knowledge and creative inputs.


Our development team has youngsters who have just stepped into the IT industry, brimming with ideas and confidence to execute them and veteran developers who are inept at identifying the right technolgy to apply these ideas. Our team works with the common aim of delivering results that meet the client expectations and ensure that they always revert to us for any new IT development needs.