Android App Development

Mobile applications are redefining the way we perform even simple daily activities – for instance, there are many who are opting for the Enewspaper application over purchasing the newspaper from the news-stand, Diaries and post-it's are becoming redundant as reminder applications on cloud are taking over and finally CD and pen drive are being replaced by cloud applications for storing all sorts of data. Android is the largest open source mobile platform by Google and it is currently the highest selling mobile platform gloablly. It's cost-effectiveness has ensured that even the world's least expensive smartphone is built on the Android which has afforded it the extensive reach. Any application launched on this platform is sure to be downloaded and rank well.

Adone offers Android app development service as part of the mobile application development service. Our Android developers have to their credit a wide range of mobile applications that have far-reaching impact and are succesfully running on the latest version of Android without any compatibility issues. The biggest challenge for developing applications on the Android platform is that the operating system is available on devices of screen-size ranging from 3-inches to 6-inches and more. We ensure that all development is done keeping device compatibility as a central condtition.


Our Android app development service includes -

  • Custom Android app development
  • Enterprise Android App development
  • Social Media app development
  • M-commerce Android app development
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Android App testing and portability
  • Android widget development
  • Android maintenance and support