Logo Design

Logo is a graphic symbol or icon that acts as the emblem of the business. It is an essential component of the company's brand and becomes a symbol by which the company is often recognized. Many businesses have in fact become legendary and grown to their massive proportions due to the easy brand recall that their logo enables for customers.

Every company, on its inception, first decides on the company's name, logo and the colours. These are used intermittently while marketing its products and services to create an easy recall among the customers. Adone Group designs unique logos for start-ups after understanding their business, it's vision and mission. The groundwork of a good logo is laid by a design that echoes the business ideals.

Our logo design process involves understanding the target market, thereafter we formulate a concept, create the initial design, decide the theme colours and formats. Our specialisation lies in creating dynamic logos and internet compatible logos.We work towards aliging the design idea with the people involved in the business so that it reflects the service and the product in tis entireity.