Real Estate

A real estate agency's primary job is to act as a mediator between buyers and sellers of property. Whether it is commercial, residential, building or independent property and the real estate agent's business may be in property appraisal, development or membership, there is a sound technology solution to support for all the requirements. The internet has brought about many dynamic changes to the way real estate business is conducted. The majority of the property searches occurs online and the first time a real estate agent is contacted, it is by accessing the details on the website.


For a real estate company, their website is the most important business card when facing the client. It is important that the website is not only attractive in appearance, but also has rich functionalities that are easy to understand and manoeuvre.


Our solutions are designed to address -

  • Personalised website/ web application design and development
  • Cloud-based document management system
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Mobile technology development
  • Improve efficiency through better communication channels internally and externally
  • Different IT solutions integration
  • Reduced capital expenditure through technological solutions
  • Support and maintenance for seamless operations