Sharepoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application framework designed to integrate intranet, content management and document management along with collaborations through social network, extranet, websites and enterprise search. 78% of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, and the solutions sclalable properties make it equally conducive for SMEs as it is for enterprise-level businesses.

Adone Group offers this versatile solution to enable clients to accelerate their business process. Our SharePoint developers have extensive experience with executing SharePoint as a 360o solution by designing their -

  • website
  • extranet and intranet portal
  • custom application

SharePoint provides a secure environment with a multi-user agreement and our developers can enable your business to manage users and security by designing the user guidelines and defining permissions.

Our SharePoint solutions include -

  • Installation, configuration and customisation of SharePoint's different version
  • SharePoint integration
  • Workflow creation and customisation of activities
  • Business portal installaiton, configuration and customisation
  • Creating new extensions
  • Installation and configuration of enterprise portal
  • Integrating with custom dashboards

You can leverage the potentials of SharePoint to enable easy data access and real-time collaboration across teams and departments to increase productivity, manage information and speed decision-making process. Our developers will enable you to achieve all these and more by delivering a comprehensive SharePoint package to your company.

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